Valentine's Decor

Do you love when I say I'm going to post something 'tomorrow' and don't?  I should really watch my verbiage!  

We are usually so festive with Valentines!  We usually write notes to each other, open little love gifts, read scriptures about love etc.

I have really fallen off the wagon this year!  I feel like I've just finished decorating!  Oh well.  Some years are like that!  

This weekend I'll be sure to make each of my love's a Valentine because I always do.

I wanted to show you the bits of Valentine's throughout my house.  I really do love this holiday!  It isn't a romantic holiday for me, but it is a symbol of all that I love, what the love between my best friend and I has created.  It really is something to celebrate!  I have a wonderful life and love it!

Let's start upstairs in our family loft area...  I just found 3 of these pillows yesterday while at Target!  I love this time of year because my color scheme for up here is all over the place!

cute valentines decor loft

I made the topiaries and that rolled paper heart.  It's cool right?

I love this zone.  We are here every night to read and pray.  The kids do their reading here, along with many other crazy things I wish they wouldn't do!

Here is a shot of my bench in our entry.  

valentines decor entry

I got those felt ornaments several years ago, on Christmas clearance.  I strung them on embroidery floss to create a garland.

I kept our lanterns the same as they were for Christmas, just added some hearts to those.  And, of course I changed out the pillows.  #ihaveapillowaddiction

These items are in the window in front of my sink.  How cute is that rolling pin?  Target.  I added letter stickers to the pink heart.  Simple and cute.  I also created that love birds printable!

Here is my buffet.  I put my Valentine pallet from last year up on my buffet.  I like it here.

valentine decor buffet pallet

I decorated with party decor, a topiary I made (tutorial here), candy and arrows.  I got the arrows at Hobby Lobby.  This is actually the back of them!

Here is a view from the other side of my table.  I did a simple table centerpiece.  I love tulips this time of year!

There we have it!  I hope you enjoyed, and maybe gathered a few ideas for yourself!