Valentine Heart on Washi Tape Background

Since I've moved my Valentine pallet art into the kitchen, which I'll show you tomorrow in my Valentine decor post, I needed to create a new Valentine mantle.

I have this cute LOVE print that I bought last year and I knew I wanted that to be up on my mantle.  I would need something to go opposite of it.  I was inspired by a cute banner I saw at Hobby Lobby, which was red, black and white.  As I walked through the store my idea formulated.

I picked up an MDF heart and some foam core.  I also used some red paint and washi tape, which I already had.

I acutally considered painting stripes on the foam core, like I did for these cute wood boards.  But, then thoughts of it drying, the slick surface, cleaning brushes, all came to my mind.  Why mess with all of that when you can just use washi tape?  Am I right?

washi tape valentine heart

I cut the foam core into a square-ish, it may be a little longer than taller.  

Next I measured the halfway point of the board and made a dot.  I did that 3 times along the board.  

Instead of drawing a line I use dots.  Since the tape is a straight edge it will stretch straight along the dots, no need for a whole line.

I stretched my tape across and folded the edges over.

I measured 1 inch from the bottom of the tape each time and made my dots from there.

valentine decor washi tape

Here is my board all finished.  It was a breeze, went super fast!  I love washi tape!

washi tape on foam core

Next I painted my MDF heart.  I wish I'd have painted it white first, and then red, so my red was brighter.  I didn't though, oh well.  You should totally do that, you won't regret it!  I put two coats of paint on my heart.

mdf heart

My last step was to attach my heart to the foam core.  I considered hot glue, but the heart is heavy enough I didn't want it to just rip the surface off the foam core.  Sometimes hot glue just isn't the ticket.  

I decided instead to use command strips!  I know, crazy pants.  I didn't leave any tabs hanging out anywhere, because I don't plan to remove the heart.  Those strips are rock solid though!

Here is how it looks!  Cute right?  And oh, so easy!

valentine decor washi tape

Here is how it looks up on my Valentine's mantle...