2 Weeks of Running

This week I'm officially starting marathon and 50k training!  This past weekend I had a doubting moment where I wondered why I'm signing up for a spring marathon again!  I actually haven't signed up yet.  I could choose to not train for these things, wait for fall.  It's tough to get out in the winter wind and snow, AND we take these breaks where I have to try to fit long runs into my vacation!!!

I feel much better about running than I did at this time last year.  So much that my doubt didn't stick around long.  I know I can do this, and this year I want to!  I'm ready to work, to take the ups and downs, the goods and bads, the fails and wins.  Let's do this!

The 50k is three weeks after the marathon, so, I'll beef up my marathon training with 50k training to be ready for that as well.  This should benefit my spring marathon right?  We'll see!  It 'should'!

Here are the last two weeks of my running.

Week Of January 23

Monday - 5 outside


Tuesday - run 3 on trml, walk 1.  I waited until night to workout and I just wasn't feeling it!

Wednesday - run 5 and OT at night w/ Matt

Thursday - OT - This was a hard workout.  I had rowed a ton the night before, so getting on the rower again felt fatiguing!

Friday - 10 on trml, not so bad.  Sometimes i think the pace determination on the trml tires me out.  I was running at an 8 pace.  I upped my speed at the end and felt more comfortable.  (79 minutes)

treadmill running

Saturday - crop - rest



Last Week (1/30 - 2/4)

Last week was a recovery week I guess!?  I didn't run many miles.  I wanted to get ahead in my overall training.  This week is my first official week of training.  So, although I didn't get many miles in last week I feel ok.

Monday - nothing, spent time cleaning and finally getting winter decor all put away (finally) and Valentine's decor out. 

Tuesday - ran 4 on trml while talking to mom.  K was supposed to come over, nope.  Thought I'd go again, but decided to save that for Wed.

Wed - OT, was going to do second workout, decided not to.  This workout left me so sore!  

Thur - 5 on trml morning.  OT at noon.  Was glad to get a double workout in.  It took me some time to get warmed up, I was so SORE from Wed workout!  My butt and legs didn't recover until Saturday!  It has been a long time since I have felt that sore!

Fri - rest.  I felt some angst and wanted to do a 10 miler today because I knew Saturday would be a hard day to do it.  Decided to rest.

Sat - rest.  It has been hard for me to get back into Saturday long runs!  I had an event in the morning and an event at night, to go out for a run in between seemed crazy.  I just have to get them done during the week.  


And, per usual I'll leave you with yummy, pretty food!  Last week I made fajitas for dinner and had left over chicken.  I added that to my salad.  Greens, green pepper, cheese, fajita meat, chipotle dressing.  It was delish! 

fajita salad