10 Things - Week 5

1 - I heard this song for the first time this week.  I have listenend to it many times.  I love it!


2 -We are counting down the days until our girl trip!!!  This was my other gift to Q for her birthday, a girl trip to Nashville, to meet our besties!  So excited!


3 - He is not the type to go out of his way to have friends over.  He reassures me he has plenty of friends at school, he just never has them over.  This year these two have hit it off and are such good buddies.  I'm so glad!  They have had a running mini sticks competition and enjoy playing xbox together.


4 - This week I took their photo as they got off the bus.  Why?  Because this is such a great part of my day, when they all come home to me.  They are my buddies and I love when they all come home to me.  It was a good feeling, especially since a few nights prior I had had it up to here ```` with the arguing that sometimes is my life!


5 - Happy jello!  It was cute to hear O laugh as he opened his jello.  It was smiling back at him!  I had to take a photo.  It took me a second to see the face.  I love that he noticed it.

6 - As I have started IGing, and I love it, I do... I have met a few people that stand out to me, both in what they do and how we have connected.  One of those people is Sarah from Sugar Bananas.  She has a beautiful blog!  You should go tell her hi and try some of her delicious recipes!  Image via her site.


7 - Today G had his kindle down in the kitchen.  He shared his joy of music with his brothers.  They all rocked out to his current favorite tunes.


8 - I was talking to a friend today about Amazon.  I do love Amazon!  I love that when something pops into my head I can jump on and order it.  Being a Prime member is the best, I don't have to worry about putting all my orders into one, to get the best shipping rate!  I love no shipping!

These are my recent Amazon purchases...

These pulls for my laundry room cabinets.  

gold cabinet pulls

Gumball refills for our gumball machine.  I got these colors, for spring!  Is it crazy that I order candy by color for the season!?

spring gumballs

More running shoes!  I have been able to get by on my old shoes running relatively low mileage each week, but as I get into marathon training they just won't cut it.  I am a Saucony Kinvara girl.  This time I'm trying Saucony's Triumph.  It's a neutral shoe with good cushion.  My Achilles have been flaring up this week.  I'm going to see if some cushion will help me a bit.


9 - It was so great to visit with our friends last week, if only for a couple of hours.  The time flew too fast, but I'm so glad for the little bit of time we did have.  These boys have grown up together and I'm so glad they could reconnect.  

We sat behind them in church and it felt like a familiar time that is now gone.  Both Q and I felt it.  Both of us teared up a little.  I had to choke back some tears.  I'm still adjusting to the change in my life, good friends moving away.  I don't think my life will ever be the same.  Certainly none of my friends can ever be replaced and our friendship will always be, just 'be' far away.  I am till adjusting, for sure to this new chapter in my life.


10 - This week I have been crafting!  What?  I just need an assignment, apparently, to get me to take the time to craft!  Today was a gathering at church, for the young women.  I was recruited to help with decor!  I was happy to help.  I created a bunch of topiaries we could use as center pieces.  I showed you all how to make the felt topiaries.  I used those, and made some flower and tulle topiaries too.  It kept me busy, but now I have them, and I love them!!!