5 Running Things And Barley Soup

I need to put some thought around keeping track of my running here on the blog.  I, of course, want the things I post to be useful, inspiring, interesting... something, for you friends reading this!  I'm not sure me just keeping track of the miles I'm running does that.  How do you feel about it?  

This week, instead of giving the rundown of the miles I've been running I'll give you 5 things about my general running state for these past few weeks.  I usually post each run as I go, on Instagram, so if that interest you check that out!

1 - I went 11 miles!  I was supposed to go 13 this past weekend, but didn't get it in.  I will do it this week.  The 11 miler was a good run.  I have a knot in my upper hamstring/glute that is pinching pretty good at times.  I felt it at the end of this run and it had wrapped around to the front of my hip.  I've got to get this thing gone!  It was a cold run, and I was reminded of the dread of carrying liquid with me, but I felt good, kept good pace and wasn't dead at the end!  11 miles @7:49 pace.

long run selfie


2 - Orange Theory.  I am hitting OT twice a week.  I enjoy the social aspect of it, the variety of it and the challenge of it.  I'm always up for giving my best and I enjoy when that is in a different realm that what I'm always doing.  I feel stronger and I'm happy to be part of that community!

orange theory

3 - Running Therapy.  I took Q on a road trip over break.  We met the C's in Nashville.  It was so good to be with our best friends!  I loved it so.  I laughed so hard, talked so much and loved exploring a new place with our friends.  Molly is my best friend.  It just breaks my heart when I have to say goodbye to her!  I helped get them out the hotel door Tuesday morning and felt the lump in my throat.  I went back up to the room to put my jacket away before heading out, and I felt the tears coming.  I took a deep breath as I walked outside and started my run.  I still felt sad, but all of the emotion boiling inside me just released and I pounded the pavement.  I so appreciate this thing that I do, that it is a healthy way for me to cope with challenges in life.  

4 - Coconut Water.  I have been a fan of Gatorade for forever.  I train with it and like it!  Last year I started trying coconut water.  I didn't love it at first, but after a few tries I have felt and tasted the difference of hydrating with it.  It is gentler on my stomach and the lack of sweetness is good for me after some runs.  I like to stay open to many different things, so I am not loyal to any one type of hydration, but there are days that I just want to drink this after a long run!  It tastes so good!  My favorite kind is the lemonade flavor, and I love it over ice.  So refreshing!

coconut water vita coco

5 - Zero Xposur.  This vest has been my go to this season!  No more long sleeve jackets and super layers!  I have done well with a base layer and this Zero Xposur lightweight vest.  I got mine at BJ's, which is like Sam's or Costco.  I have a dedicated one for running, because I tend to stink them up with all my sweat!  It was a good buy.

zero xposur puffer vest running

I posted on IG today that I really don't mind when my kids don't gobble up the soup I make.  After dinner I distribute it into containers and pop the soups into the freezer.  I will eat them for lunch during the coming weeks.  I love soup for lunch, quick and easy!

I want to add that I'm not so good at measuring, so as I explain how I make stuff I'm sorry!  I used to be all about precision and recipe following.  I have grown and am not afraid to experiment!  I threw a bunch of stuff together for this soup, and it worked!  That is how I've been doing it as of late!

I made this barley soup I with precooked barley.  (I cook barley and all my grains in my rice cooker)  I had a bunch left over from something else.  I used canned stewed tomatoes and chicken stock as my base.  I started with sauteing onions in some butter, then added my stock, then tomatoes.  I threw a bay leaf in there too.  I brought that to a boil then added my carrots and celery.  I kept it at a low boil until the veggies were soft-ish.  I added the barley and beans at the end and just heated through.  I seasoned with salt and pepper.  The photo below is day 2, when I got the leftovers into a dish.  The barley sucks up the liquid so if you want it to stay brothy then freeze leftovers as soon as your soup cools.

barley soup