Teen Party Decor - Ombre Fringe Backdrop

My girl is 14!  It's crazy!  

These past two years she has been very particular about her birthday, because she's a teen now, you know? ;)  There are to be no themes!  We have to talk about activities and such because these parties are just more of a 'hang out'.

I am here to please and make dreams come true, so, of course, I am not taking over and doing my own thing... mostly!  

I am fine with no themes.  But asked if I could decorate!  I mean, c'mon, it's a birthday!  There must be festivities!!!  My answer was yes, and Q wanted purple with gold and or silver.

We agreed that the kitchen could be birthday festive.  This zone at our buffet is my festive zone!  I love it!  It takes center stage and makes a staement, but is also out of the way.  I also decorated the table and hung lanterns over the island.

I'm excited to show you how it turned out because this ombre fringe wall is 'to die for' cute!!!!  I love how it turned out!

birthday decor ombre fringe

Am I right?  It makes me squeal with delight!  Seriously, I'm considering doing a wall in my house like this! :)  I love it so much!

I will do a video tutorial showing you how to make it, because that is just easier!  Stay tuned for that.  

teen party ombre fringe wall

I decorated the backdrop with the fringe, then layered twinkle lights, this glitter happy sign and balloons in front of it.

teen party decor

I brought out a couple of pictures of my girl.  I also found some sparkly Q's and stuck one to a wood block and put the other on a picture.

gold and purple party decor

I also decorated with lanterns and tissue tassels. 

The runner is actually gold dot wrapping paper.  I used that over on the table too.  Here is how the table looked.  I decorated it with lanterns and tissue garland.

The party went well.  Our activities were pretty simple.  I put up a backdrop for the girls to take pictures in front of.  I had a bunch of photo booth props for them, but they didn't really use them!  They just wanted to take pictures of each other and themselves.  That's what we do these days right?

We had a sunday bar...

We also played the plastic wrap game.  I had bought a bunch of girly things and wrapped them all into a giant ball of plastic wrap.  Items included candy, nail polish, bath bombs, gift cards, lip balm, silly socks, etc.  The person to the right of the one holding the giant ball rolls a pair of dice and keeps doing that until they roll doubles.  While they are rolling the person to the left unwraps the plastic wrap as much as they can, and get the prized they unwrap.  The girls had a great time with this game.  It was hilarious to hear them screaming and shouting at each other!  

They also did fun girl stuff, like braiding each other's hair, while live streaming!  I mortified my daughter and dabbed on her friends feeds!  Yep, I'm that mom!

It was a great party.  Here is one more look at that fabulous fringe wall!  Feel free to pin it and share!

fringe backdrop ombre backdrop