My Road To Boston

You know, I've actually qualified to run Boston Marathon a couple of times.

For me, it's never really been THE race that I want to be at.

To qualify for it, absolutely.  To actually run it, hmmm not so much!  It surprises most, but I'm quite fine sticking to my local, smaller races.  Traveling to race, isn't my thing, normally.  Huge races, thousands of people, also not my thing!

Why Boston now?

After the Wineglass Marathon I figured I may as well take this opportunity while it's here.

I don't know how long I'll be running this distance.  I don't know how many times I'll qualify.

Funny as I think back on the first time I trained to run the marathon distance.  I thought maybe just once would be enough for me.  :)

My friend Haley, who has run Boston several times, told me, I should at least experience it once.

So, this is the year.

Here I am, just a few days away from this race.

Last week I wish I would've trained better.

I wish I would've invested a lot more.

I wish I was in the place to 'race' this marathon, more than just run it.

This training season was busy, with a lot of stuff other than running.

I played the hand I was dealt.  It is what it is.

Today I am looking forward.  I am here, and here is good.

Even though I don't feel my 'best' I plan to stand in the spot I earned in coral 2!

Here is what I want for this race...

I want to enjoy this time, feel the energy and joy that will be on this course.  Take it all in!

I want to trust my body and it's abilities.

I want to run smart, going out slower than normal, reserving my legs for the last 6.

I want to keep my head in the game and stay positive.

I want to recall what a big deal it is to run this historic race!  #privileged

I have no time goal, although I'd of course like to stay in the 8 average.

I want to look at my watch just a few times to make sure I'm not going faster than I have strength!


Last week (Friday) Ashley and I ran in this...

I think it may shock my system a little bit to run in warmer weather!

Here is a look at last weeks numbers.  This week is an even easier taper week!  Hooray.

(Monday I did 5 miles on the treadmill.  My Monday workout.)

Wish me luck!