April Visiting Teaching Printable Handout - No Matter The Status

I love this thought.  It is humbling and empowering.

No matter the 'status' of our lives we are all children of God.

This month the visiting teaching message focuses on knowing that we are daughters of God.

We can be assured that He knows us, He hears us, and He is cheering for us to succeed.

It is easy to forget, as we get caught up in the world around us, in the things other people find valuable, beautiful, important, correct and best.

The question at the end of the message is:

How does knowing you are a daughter of God affect your decisions?

This knowledge certainly does affect my decision making, it affects all of me, it is who I am!

Knowing I am a daughter of God keeps me centered.

It keeps me looking ahead, instead of all around me.

It keeps me moving forward, with my eyes up, focused on Him.

It brings peace, joy and perspective to my life!

When my eyes are cast down, for whatever reason, when I am caught in darkness, or opinions or worries and troubles, knowing I am a daughter of God gives me hope and somewhere to turn.

We all have a place to turn, should we choose.

From my own youth I remember the words:

Be loyal to the royal that's within you, for you are the daughter of a king.

This month remind the sister's you visit of their worth.  Get them a dollar store tiara and pair it with this handout!