A Manly Way To Say Thank You... for moving all our crap!

I can't believe it has almost been a year since we have moved!

When people asked us our plan for moving we told them that we were moving ourselves.

We didn't use a moving company to move, is what that means.

We hardly moved ourselves though.  

We couldn't have moved without all of the help from our friends, who happen to go to the same church.

I packed all of our stuff into boxes and got us all prepped.

Matt hauled many of our boxes into the garage to prep.

But, the bulk of the work was done by friends from church, who came to carry stuff out to the garage, the night before our move, then load everything onto the truck, and then off the truck the following day.

No we did not do this by ourselves!

I can't tell you the gratitude we had for all the help we had!

This move was quite a bit different than the one we did 10 years ago.  We have a ton more stuff than we did back then.

We vowed we would pay people to move us from here on out.  We are never doing this again!

You know, as we were visiting with our good friends, after all the stuff was in our house, I was in awe that people do this for other people!

Shawn mentioned that this is how he has been trained, this is just 'what we do', speaking of the members of our church.

From the youngest of ages in our church we teach and give service.  

Sometimes it is uncomfortable, hard work, and it flat out stinks, but those experiences at least build character, if they don't uplift the giver!

I know being on the receiving end I was/am so very grateful for the willingness of others to give of their time and back breaking effort... for us.

To show my thanks I bought a little tape measure for the guys who helped.

I figured the teens that helped would be more interested in food, so I got them chocolate!

I wrapped each tape measure in a manly ribbon and wrote everyone a note of thanks.

Since that time I have needed to say thanks in a manly way more than once, so I went ahead and made a couple of printables.

Click HERE to download your manly printables!

I recently used one like this to tell a friend thanks for helping us out.

It was quick and easy!