Mother's Day Printable Quotes

Mother's Day is right around the corner! 

I can let a lot of days slide in terms of not really celebrating them or putting a huge effort into them.  Ironically anniversary, Valentine's Day, Arbor Day :) , fall into these categories!   

The two days I expect to be celebrated and thought of are my birthday and Mother's day.  These two days are about me and aaaallll of the things I do!  I try to make many days meaningful for my family, they'd better try on these two days! :)  I don't think it's too much to ask.


Here are some old, but still fabulous, posts about Mother's Day:  Lessons I've Learned Via Motherhood.    Are We Not All Mothers?    Mothers Day Luncheon.

AND, I made a set of Mother's Day printables a long time ago.  They are still available, and you can find them here at this post: Mother's Day Quotes and Printables

This is an example of an older printable.  I refreshed it this week, and here it is again.

mothers day printable

I have felt like it's time to refresh, to create some cute new Mother's Day printables.  I have been working on them this week and I hope you like them, can use them, and choose to share them!

These are great to display in your home or to print off and give away.  You could give them to a girlfriend, neighbor, or your own mother, along with chocolate of course!

We all like to be recognized and this is a small, but thoughtful way to give a lift to someone, to recognize them for their efforts of being a mother, woman of influence, or grandmother.

I love this thought.  The follow up is this from Sheri Dew's talk Are We Not All Mothers... 

Motherhood is more than bearing children, though it is certainly that. It is the essence of who we are as women. It defines our very identity, our divine stature and nature, and the unique traits our Father gave us.

As women we have the capacity and nature to mother, whether we bear children or not.  Honor that!

I am a woman of faith, and I have faith that we are sustained and uplifted by the faith of others.  I believe it is a power, that can be utilized by those that believe.  I absolutely believe this.  There are times, especially as my kids get older, more independent, making more choices on their own, and spending a lot of time away from my influence, that I rely on the power of prayer, to do what I can for them.  I also am assured that my own mother does this for me, and I am sustained by her faith and prayers.

mothers day quote packer

There are a lot of wonderful things to accomplish in life, so many ways to discover ourselves, develop our talents, give to those around us, and be powerful influences. 

But, for me, the greatest work I will ever do, my crowning achievement will always be these 4 people that I raised and mothered, that I taught and loved, cried with and cheered for, disciplined and played with.  These four people, that I continue to watch grow, am forever linked to, and will always love, and still have so much to learn from, will continue to bring me joy throughout my life.  


I hope that as they go out into the world, having discovered who they are here in the home I created for them, that they are happy, well adjusted, independent, strong and centered individuals with caring hearts and committed spirits.  Yep, that is probably the best thing I can give to the world and the thing I will be most proud of!

I hope that you enjoy Mother's Day, if you are a mother, and that you take time to recognize those around you that have mothered you in some way.  Maybe take a minute to thank them and give back to them.

Each of these Mother's day printables can be downloaded here, without my watermark on them.  Feel free to print one or all of them off!  Go ahead and pin them, that is how you can repay me! :)  Give a little something to the ladies around you, they will be so grateful! 

None of us is perfect, but we are perfectly placed and totally capable, sometimes we just need that reminder!