Mother's Day Luncheon

What a wonderful weekend!

You will have to forgive me for my blog leave.  I have been struggling a bit the last few weeks and although writing can be therapeutic it also feels like a burden sometimes.  It has been good to take time off.

Not to worry, though, I hope to be back at it!

I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.

To all of my friends that are mothers, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

To those of you who do not wear the label of biological mother, I hope you still had a wonderful day, celebrating the nature that is yours and the influence for good you surely bring to those around you with that.

Last year I spoke in church on Mother's Day.

My topic was 'How the Savior Loves Women'.  It was a great opportunity for study, prayer and pondering on this subject.  I was hoping to get it typed up to share for this Mother's Day, but you remember reading what I just wrote right?  Didn't happen obviously!

I do hope to get those thoughts written and published here soon.

This year I began Mother's Day weekend by inviting some mother's over for lunch.  I made them soup and salad, and gave them each a little treat.

I love each of these women and it was wonderful having them over for lunch, giving to them, enjoying them.  We ate, visited and enjoyed the sun while the kiddies played.

mothers day lunch


I printed off one of my Mother's Day Printables and sent them home with this thought and chocolate of course!

Saturday my family supported me while I ran the Grand Island half marathon.

I love having them at this race, I get to see them a bunch on the out and back course.

I'll tell you about the race in a different post.  I did finish 2nd in my age group and was 8th overall female, but my time didn't change and that frustrated me...

Nevertheless, I have a wonderful family that supports my love for running, cheers me on, and is proud of me.  Love them for supporting me!

This is just after I ran back to pick up my headphones that dropped.  My wireless, waterproof headphones had a hard time staying on my sweaty head!  Hmmm.

I don't love seeing running photos of me, the shutter seems to click at all the wrong times!  It is sobering to catch those moments!  I do like this photo.  At least my back looks good! :)

And, my littlest man had the courage to jump out and finish with me.  He was scared and embarrassed, but I loved having him run the finish with me, I'm glad he did it!

I had a photo shoot after the race.  It was nice to tap into that.  Haven't done that for a couple of months.

I spent a ton of time relaxing with my family over the next 24 hours.  It was nice to just relax, not have anything occupy my mind and time.

Sunday my hubbs made me breakfast.  He feeds me like I'm a man!

Church was great, lunch was great, dinner was great!!!  My hubs took great care of me.

I love getting notes and gifts from my kids.  It really is rewarding and touching to me.

And this man, who works hard, who is my team mate, I love him.

I am most grateful for the family we have created together, that I have the privileged to watch over, teach, nurture and love.

I am so honored to stand at his side and so grateful for how he honors me and helps me live life beautifully and joyfully.

Although I feel off, in some ways, as of late, my family keeps me centered, they give me purpose, they fill my life with happiness and joy.  They love me, like no one else can.  I'm so blessed to have them!

I love being wife, mother, woman.