40 New Things - The List

Tuesday was my birthday.  I turned 39!

I've been looking forward to my birthday!  This marks the beginning of the next year, the year before I hit 40!  

Life surely doesn't end at 40.  Much of life will remain the same.  It is a mile stone though, a big one!  I can't believe I'm almost 40!

While I was in UT, staying with Lynette, she gave me this idea, to do 40 new things before I hit the age of 40.  I thought that was a great idea, to have a new experience, or do something I've always wanted to do, own something I've never owned, just something new each week, for 40 weeks.

What a great way to see life, focus in and experience life, enjoy life!  I'm totally doing it!

I'll keep my list here, and update my posts as I go.  It will be fun to collect all of my things in one spot.


40 Things List

1- throw myself a birthday party

2- pay it forward

3- buy kitchen aid mixer

4- run Ultra Ragnar

5- read Doctrine and Covenants all the way through

6- get certified in some sort of fitness thing - Zumba, spin...

7- take a girl trip

8- get in IG account

9- have to get a new phone first!

10- go skiing (take family)

11- go snowshoeing

12- trail run

13- write an article for publication

14- be on a TV show!!!

15- travel for Christmas?

16- road trip to a new place as a family - outer banks, Virginia beach...

17- throw a pajama party

18- learn how to cook fish for Matt

19- buy a clothing steamer

20 - buy a new waffle iron - the good kind, like the one's in hotels

21- look into another volunteer opportunity - habitat for humanity, refugee

22- online store up and going

23- attend a blog conference?

24 - take an art class (did this in UT)

25 - paddle board (girls camp)

26 - go with Matt on one of his business trips

27 - volunteer to help at a race

28- 'come on down' to The Price Is Right!

29 - initiatory at the temple (only did it once for myself)

30 - donate my hair...

31 - finish the Buffalo Marathon

32 - buy a needlessly expensive item I've never bought before (Uggs, D&B, Coach etc)

33 - learn to play an xbox game with the kids - and play it with them!

34 - run a 50K

35 - take my kids to Yellowstone - I remember going there as a child

As you can see I don't have a complete list yet.  Do you have any ideas for me?  I'll keep it growing as time goes on.


For my birthday, I did throw myself a birthday party!  It was fabulous!  Of course I will share that with you, along with all of my other 40 things!  Stay tuned!