September Visiting Teaching

This month's message is Parenthood Is A Sacred Duty.

Indeed it is!  Challenging at times, but the most rewarding!  I believe it is in the grand scheme and design to be in family units as we go through life.  This unit is designed to be a support and stabilize us, as well as offer us a safe place to learn and grow.  

I've written many a time about being a mom, a parent!  Some of my greatest life lessons have come through my children.  Here are a couple of favorites...

Some Lessons I've Learned via Motherhood

I created two different handouts this month.    

graphic c/o

graphic c/o

This one is from this talk:  The Greatest Challenge In The World - Good Parenting - James E. Faust

This one is from this talk: Parenthood - O. Leslie Stone

graphic via

graphic via

I paired this second quote with some slate coasters to give.  They are super cute!  

I love the thought of our impact being eternal as we work upon the minds of the little one's that come into our lives.  All other things we invest in fade over time.  The minds, hearts and lives we are shaping as parents live on, both through our posterity as well as beyond this life.

I'm happy to create these for you to use.  I just ask that you share them with others!   PIN IT!