10 things... that make me happy

1 - New Magazine

It's weird right?  That I went ahead and got myself a Horse and Rider subscription?  I don't own a horse, know too much about that whole world really.  I did take riding lessons last year (still BEST. GIFT. EVER.), but I am far from being a cowgirl or equestrian rider by any means! 

Still, it's super cheap and I'm amused by it and so curious about horses.  Why not right?  It makes me happy!

image via Horse and Rider

image via Horse and Rider

2 - Time With My Boys

Last week just me and the boys went to Darian Lake.  Since Lagoon, in UT, they are all brave and were ready to take DL on.  We had such a great time!  It's amazing how fun these places can be when you actually ride rides!  We did water slides together, braved the storm threats, O went on a big coaster for the first time, E decided Viper was his favorite ride and G and I got to ride a couple of rides, just us.  It was a great day with my boys.  I loved it!

3 - Sleepover Requests

Last week Q had a couple of friends over for a sleepover.  As we all chatted at dinner time both of the girls talked about how 'fun' it was to 'do that thing where you all kneel down together' at the end of the night.  That thing is family prayer!

And, sure enough after everyone was ready for bed, Q called to me, "Mom, the girls want to have family prayer!"

This makes me happy, the big, lasting happy.  Not every family prays together, but it is a powerful habit that builds family unity (regardless of denomination).  It also connects us to God.  As we talked a little about how to pray I told these gals that they can pray wherever, whenever.  I was able to share, in the smallest way that God loves them, and wants to hear from them.  

I am so happy that our family, my girl, can give that to her friends.

4 - My Paint Drawer

This just makes me happy!  I moved my paint into one of the drawers in my old card catalog.  Doesn't that just make you happy?

5 - My Paper Straw Drawer

I also organized my paper straws, put them into a drawer also!  

6 - New Wallpaper

Last week I told showed you some wallpaper I was eyeing for the laundry room.  Last week I also tried to paper our mud room with some peel and stick paper I'd bought.  Didn't love it at. all.  That stuff works well on small projects, but really, not for the big stuff, in my opinion.  I like that wallpaper can move and shift easily, for easy seaming and coverage.  

I took down the little bit of peel and stick that I put up and immediately ordered new paper for the mud room!  It has arrived and I can't wait to get it up!  I just have to finish the project I've started in the basement first!

7 - Candy Bar Change

We love this area in our basement.  It's the 'candy bar'!  I'll tell you more about it soon, because I'll be showing you how it's changed!  I've been painting stuff, changing stuff.  It feels good, and makes me happy to make changes to our fabulous house.

8 - Party Planning!

My birthday is on Tuesday and I'm throwing myself a party!  Can't wait to tell you about that too!  For now, all of the fun things that are coming in the mail, the prep, planning, ideas all have me happy!  I love to plan event, I love to throw a party!

Here is the shirt I'll be wearing on Tuesday!  It's from Birthdaygirlworld.com.

image via birthdaygirlworld

image via birthdaygirlworld

9 - The Perfect Hair Elastic

I have a lot of hair!  I constantly wear it up, especially when I work out.  It has to be off my neck, back and shoulders.  I sweat so much and I hate hair sticking to me.  My friend Mary gave me one of these elastics back when I was getting ready to race Boston.  

It is hands down THE best hair elastic I have ever owned!  HANDS DOWN.

Kknekki by L. Erickson - here at Amazon.

Never underestimate the power of a good hair elastic to make a girl happy!

image via amazon

image via amazon

10 - Exploring

I've been photographing some families that live south of me.  Because of that I've discovered a new place!  Last week my family and I went to explore Knox Farm.  We had a great time walking, exploring, climbing trees, and of course tossing the frisbee and football.  Except those two times they rolled into the pond, after we told our kids to not throw them near the water.  

Being with my family makes me happy!  Finding new places makes me happy.  Beautiful summer evenings make me happy.

What makes you happy?