Christmas Home Tour - Family Room

Happy Saturday!  How are you doing with your Christmas preparations?  I'm doing pretty good at this point.  Still need to take kids out to shop for each other...

Today I'm sharing our Family Room.  I waited and waited to do this room, because we were so undecided about what to do with the tree.  Ugh the tree.  Last year we decided we'd get a really tall live tree and every. single. day. I'd come downstairs worried that my tree was laying in the middle of our family room.  Our base wasn't sufficient enough for a large, heavy, real tree.  I looked for a new tree stand, but ultimately felt that of all the rooms in our house, this is the room we should have an artificial tree.  Our ceilings are soaring, we need a tall tree, but I don't think we need a live one.

My next challenge was convincing the hubbs that the 12ft and taller trees don't really go on clearance.  We thought about just putting one of the other trees in this room, but I did some searching and found our tree at the Home Depot.  It was a totally fair price to ask for this tree!  I was afraid that it wouldn't be full and pretty, but all expectations have been met!  I'm so glad we didn't wait and I. Love. This. Tree!  It's freakin huge!  

It took everything in me to get it into my house, and I couldn't move it from the mud room!  I had to take it out piece by piece.  As I put it up I giggled and laughed and sent Matt update photos!  It is so large and in charge!  Still makes me laugh!

After I was done decorating it, I came into this room from the kitchen.  I just laughed.  This corner of my house makes a very large Christmas statement!!!  It shouts Christmas to you!  It's perfect!


I'm still on the hunt for a great tree skirt, and I want different stockings!  I got those huge, big as your head, ornaments from The Christmas Tree Shoppe, as well as the nutcrackers.  Those pink paper stars, blue trees and some of the ornaments are Target clearance.  I got some great pillow covers this year from H&M, and I just wrapped some boxes to put on my mantle and above the entertainment center.

I love it!  This room, our house is filled with the magic of Christmas!  It's my favorite time of year!  Sigggghhhh.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm so glad you came!