Our Christmas Card Tree Display - DIY Christmas Clothes Pins

Do you display your Christmas cards? What do you do with all of your Christmas cards? I love to get them and there is no way I’d just throw away all of those pictures!

We love to hang them up, and keep them up.  At our old house we would fill the stairwell to the basement with all of our Christmas cards and keep them there for a good 6 months!

Last year, our first Christmas in this house, I wasn't quite sure where to put them.  Matt started hanging them in the small hallway, from our kitchen into our laundry room.  They were fine there, it was a good place to see everyone all of the time, but the area is small and it just looked cluttered and messy.

This year I actually put some thought into what I wanted to do with our cards.  It was as I was getting ready to take down our gratitude tree, that I knew I wanted to put our cards on this big, blank wall.  I don't want it to be big and blank forever, but it is for now, and it's a great place to put all of our Christmas cards.

I would have to have them hanging there in some sort of cute way, because hello, it's in my family room!  I thought I would hang them off of bakers twine or something.  I think that led to ribbon, which led me to my stash.  I got out some green ribbon, which made me think of a tree, and decided I would hang these cards in the shape of a tree!  It would be our little Christmas Card Tree!  Did you like riding on my train of thought?

I used these bitty command strips, which I use for so many, many things this time of year!  I started in the middle of my tree and eyeballed the width, keeping in mind that it would get larger at the bottom.  I tied my green ribbon to the little clear plastic and created the shape of a tree!

Christmas clothes pins

I had a few little Christmas clothes pins that I got in UT this summer.  (I totally went to this warehouse sale which was crazy huge, had sooo much stuff, I was in heaven, none of my sisters were, but they indulged me!)  Anyway, I only have 6 of them!  I love the idea of hanging cards with these cute little pins and I, of course have supplies to make some of my own, so that is what I did.

It was super easy!  I used mini clothes pins (Michaels), wooden tree shapes... that I also got at that warehouse sale (Studio Calico), markers (Stampin Up) and hot glue.  

wood veneer tree shapes

What I love about all things wood veneer is that you don't have to paint them!  You can just color them!  I got out my markers and colored my trees, brights, because they will go in my family room.  Then, all I did was glue them to those mini clothes pins.  Easy peasy!

Aren't they cute!?  Now I have a good supply to hang all of my lovely Christmas cards with!  On to the hanging of the cards...

display Christmas cards

Here is our card tree so far.  I love it!  

As I was addressing all of our cards I enjoyed the little glimpses of all of these people, that we love dearly, that have crossed our path even for just a short time, that we hang out with now.  How very blessed I feel to give and receive these photos and updates.  I'm so glad to know so many wonderful people!

ribbon Christmas cards

And, even though we don't exchange cards, I'm thankful for you, my readers (and Seana, my singular commentor- I don't think that's a word -).  I feel blessed that you stop by, check in on my life and hopefully get something in return for your visit!

Christmas card tree

Do you display all your Christmas cards?  How do you do that?