Christmas Home Tour - Kitchen

Hi again!  How is everyone today?  My kids are home today, thank heaven's I am feeling better, (give me the strength), sometimes it is exhausting having the kids home, especially when one isn't feeling too hot!

I took advantage of them being out of school, and have taken a couple out shopping.  They each buy for each other, which I love!  I also love the time alone with each of them as we hunt for the perfect gift to give each sibling.

Today I'm sharing my kitchen with you.  Are you tired of my house yet?  I know my mom isn't, thanks mom, so I continue!  

I can't wait to paint this room.  In fact there is a strip of sample paint (which is the wrong color) on the wall, that has been there for months!  The husband keeps telling me to get started on other areas of the house we like less, like the laundry room, but this room is just paint and I am chewing my nails off trying to wait!  

It was so fun to decorate in here this year, because I have a tree in here!!!  Someday I hope to have pretty chairs in our bay window, but for now it's empty, the perfect spot for a tree.  

I have shared a bunch from this room on IG.  Are you following along?  You should! :)

Enjoy Christmas in our kitchen!

A couple of details for you... my buffet, that blessed buffet... read all about it and it's transformation in this post.  It is one of my favorite pieces!

I got my dough bowl in TX this last trip.  The print is Greg Olsen.  The feather trees and the bell trees are from Target (clearance several years ago).  That cute chalkboard sign is from Hobby Lobby, as well as the table runner.

Here is a quick video, mostly for my family, who may never get out to see my house!