Peplum and Ombre

I have to throw it back.  I must show this look, because I love it, even though it got pushed back.

You know how sometimes you think you nailed it with your outfit, and then you take a picture and you're like, hmmm, I'm not so sure why I wore that... ?

You probably don't know what I'm talking about, because most people don't take pictures of themselves wearing things!!  :)

Anyway, this look I nailed!  Love it!

This peplum top has been with me for a long time, but the skirt is new, and I got it for like $10!  Anyway, I love these two together.  It's a great look!  I was happy!

PEPLUM: Marshalls // Alice & Olivia leather/lace Thali Sodi

SKIRT: Burlington Coat Factory // blue dot - Talbots / Asos - blue dot - sorry no red!!!

SHOES: Charlotte Russe // Michael Antonio / Macy's