Blue Cords and Cashmere

Did everyone have a good MLK day?  

I did Meals On Wheels per usual and the kids had friends over to play.  This week I'll be prepping for my Q's birthday.  But first, heading to the OB today!  Hooray!! :/

Do you have cords?  Are they too retro for you?  I have three pair, these are my newest...

How about cashmere?  I think this is my only sweater, and it needs to be replaced.  I did just buy a new one, but I think I'm taking it back... :(

Blue feels fitting for this time of year, don't you think?

SWEATER: ? // love this one / Tommy Hilfiger final sale

PANTS: Target clearance // H&M / Lauren Conrad

BOOTIES: Old Navy // Madeline Perfumed