Geometric Dress

I was ordering a swimsuit from Fairy Season and spotted this cute geometric dress.

I was hesitant to get this dress.  Frankly because the price was so low.  We are a little skeptical when it comes to that right?  I went ahead and ordered it anyway.  It's inexpensive enough that I wouldn't be out too much if it didn't work out.

The material is a little thin, but it's not see through, at least as much as I can tell!  I may be giving everyone a show as far as I know... you're welcome!  Kidding.  It does come with a belt, but the belt doesn't match the waist seaming and that bothers me, so I don't use it.

It's easy, comfy, lightweight and cute!  Love it!  Glad I got it!  I love dresses as the weather gets warm.

geometric dress

I got this dress from Fairy Season.  The actual geometric dress is linked.  Shipping seemed to take longer than I like, but really who can beat Amazon Prime?  Everything else feels like it takes months!!!

I've linked some other options below for you.