Black And White Jumpsuit

Hey friends!  How are you?  I just talked to my sister today and remembered that a lot of people are already out of school.  We aren't, but we are itching to be done.

I went to the grocery store today, after working out, and bought a bunch of appetizers!  They all looked so good...loaded potato skins, popcorn chicken, tater tots, mozzarella squares.  Tonight for dinner we are eating appetizers!


How do you feel about the jumpsuit?  They have grown on me.  Again, they are easy and cute, little effort even needed.

This cute one came from Target.  I love it!  It's lightweight and I love the v neck and wide leg pant.  It's dressy without being fussy.  And thank heavens for pockets, right?

black and white jumpsuit

I couldn't find this jumpsuit online anymore, but here are some other cute options to shop.