Sunday Style

Yea for Sunday's!
As you probably have come to know my style is quite casual.
I do love the excuse to dress up on Sunday's.
Today has been a beautiful day.  I've been uplifted and strengthened, I love going to church.
This is sort of a fun prairie-type dress.  On it's own it's not that cute!  I do love it has pockets though.
Last year I wore it with a belt and tall boots.  My cardi was longer too.  I'm the headless woman in these photos!

I kept the same necklace this year, lost the belt and shortened the cardi and boots.
Totally similar look.  I think I actually prefer last year's look.
What do you think?
PS, I'm totally going to teach you how to make that necklace over at Perpective... if you're the type that likes that sort of thing.