Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sorting, Rain Boots and Cold Spring

The first thing my O said to me as he woke up this morning was, "Mom can we sort together?"

I spent a good 3 hours yesterday, on the floor, sorting Lego's!
We are organized, we have a system!
I'll share that with you tomorrow.

Last night before family prayers the kids all helped me sort the last of the Legos.
None of them wanted to help earlier in the day, with the exception of O, he's totally the man, but for some reason, right before bed they were all about sorting!

It was great, so even though it was late, we worked together as a family, sorting through our Legos.
O has a wonderful memory, he remembers random things, important things, moments.
He remembers if some Legos go with specific sets, cars etc.  He was the sorting boss yesterday!

Yesterday was one of those busy days, there was just no time for blogging... thus my post is now going up!

Next week I will share what I wore our vacation week.
You know me, still have to look fabulous, with ease, of course!

We have had much rain here in Western NY as of late.
These rain boots have been getting worn!  They are getting run down, it may be time to replace them.
Here is how I've worn them lately.

hoodie: +LOFT , shirt: +Target , pants: +Gap , boots: The Christmas Tree Shoppe

top: +LOFT , jeans: +Target 

And, I didn't wear hats much this winter.  Usually I'm all about them.
I threw this one on recently.  It has been a cold spring.

top, pants: +Marshalls , boots: +Old Navy , hat: +Charming Charlie, scarf: +Charlotte Russe 

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Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm Back Baby! Running Free... But Slower!

These are from my Monday run last week, on the FL beach, mostly all by myself... I didn't feel my leg until mile 4, but it didn't hurt that much.
I loved stretching by the water after... it was dreamy... and sticky... which is not so dreamy!

Last week apparently was the rest I needed, because when I went out for my long run on Saturday my calf was just fine!

The rest of me felt like a wreck, but my calf was fine!!!

Kidding... mostly!

I ran great, felt strong, until mile 10.  My hip flexors could barely get my legs in front of each other for the last 2 miles!

That feeling, and having sore quads for the two remaining days (running never leaves my quads sore) is what I'm talking about when I say... the way to train for long distances is to run them, to be out on your legs.

Not being able to run them has left it's mark on my legs, and my time!

Dang I wish I didn't care at all, but I totally do!  I reassure myself that I'll be back to my normal times in a week or so.  It just feels good to be running again!

Balance, perspective, gratitude all help me to change my priority back to the joy of running.

I had hoped to PR this half coming up in 2 weeks, but I think the 2 weeks out, not working on speed and distance and strength will keep me from that.

AND IT'S OK... I run because I love it!  This race will be a great opener to my 2014 season.  I don't have to PR every race... right?

Now the question is would I be ready for a June marathon?  I haven't signed up for it yet.  Of course I could do it, but I like to be prepared for races, coming close to, or doing better than I've done before.  I think if I can get out and do 16 - 18 this week I'll be just fine.  I like to get a couple of 20's in before the marathon distance.

I plan to race an Olympic distance tri in July and an October marathon.  Do I just let that be enough or stick to my plan... hmmmm... your vote?

PS... I've totally been eating this little protein-packed snack as of late.  Thanks to Melanie from Happy Being Healthy for sharing her great healthy food!  Totally got the idea from her.

It's greek yogurt, with cottage cheese.  I eat toasted almonds with mine.

I don't really share food here on my blog.  Of all the things I do, I feel that is the least interesting!  Food doesn't excite me!  It's what we put into our bodies to because we have to!! :)

We eat Dannon Greek Yogurt.  Who can pass up the extra protein?  I put a quarter cup of cottage cheese in there and top with some almonds.

I don't diet, never have, never will!
Um, I'd still like to lose 10 lbs... but time has taught me more moving + smarter eating, always does the job!
I try to eat healthy, and do, for the most part.  I try to eat whole, eat things from earth, not pretend food made from nothing!
The main exception to that is my crazy love for sugar candy... and the occasional diet coke!

When I was first married I read about The Zone diet.
I agree with much of the philosophy of it.
As of late I've been paying better attention to eating more balanced, and when I say that I mean, balanced portions - to each other - of protein, good carbs and good fats.

I say it all of the time, but I want to do a better job of fueling my body.  I feel better when I do, I perform better when I do, I am stronger when I do... all of that is worth it!

Have you found a good quick snack?  Tell me about it!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday...

Happy Easter!
What a beautiful day it is here!  The grass is finally starting to green up, the sun is shining... we had to leave FL to get shining sun!

I've been wanting to take photos of my boys together... to document their birthdays.
This morning was our morning... and while we're at it, we grabbed all the kids together... then I had M snap one of me and my kids.

I love these little people.  They are my everything.  They are my world right now.  I am so blessed to have each and every one of them.  They fill my life with joy!  (Well, apparently my daughter doesn't feel the same about me... after putting her in timeout, for kicking her brother, she told me her 5th grade teacher is a better mother to her than I.)  Oh the drama... wonder if her 5th grade teacher would be interested in a trade! :)

I love Easter.  I love my Savior.  I am thankful for the promise to all of us, to again be reunited with our bodies, to be resurrected.  I am also utterly grateful for the atonement, that makes it possible for the repentant to be made clean, whole, joyful and complete.  This part of the atonement makes it possible for me to live in the presence of my Father in Heaven for eternity, to have eternal life, as I claim that through making and keeping His covenants.

This video is circulating... it's pretty great, although I feel they sort of left out the part of 'this Carpenter' being divine... the Son of God.
This little bit of information brings depth to His choice.  He didn't have to die, as the Son of God, he had power over death... but we did not, thus his choice, for us.
As the Son of God he didn't fall to temptation, didn't feel the grossness of sin, but dwelt in that space, alone, burdened completely by all of the yuck of humanness, willingly, for us.  His purpose?  To pay the price of those sins, that imperfection, so we don't have to, if we repent.  He bridges the gap to cleanliness, purity, perfection, whole... so we can be worthy to enter back into God's presence.

Awwwe Easter!

I'll share my Easter look next week.
I have some older looks to share today.
Happy Sunday to you all!


 some navy and lavendar...
top and skirt: +DownEast Basics , shoes: +Charlotte Russe 

preppy girl
sweater: +DownEast Basics , button up: +Marshalls , skirt: +Target , shoes: +T.J.Maxx
Oh, and I made that cuff... love it, don't you?

Saturday, April 19, 2014

'Must Wash Hands', WV, Peeling and Music

We are home!
We left yesterday morning!
Thursday night the boys talked about how they'd like to just power through and get home in one shot.
The plan was executed by our family!  The C's changed plans, so we didn't caravan back together.

I intend to finish our vacation recap... I've spent the last couple of hours uploading photos and updating those past posts.  I need to get my lesson ready for tomorrow, and get everything unpacked... the work never ends!

Today can I just say a a few random things?

First - As we have been traveling, and been in and out of many public restrooms, I have come to wonder about the nature of this phrase 'employees must wash hands'.  Sometimes it's on a nice little plaque in the bathroom, sometimes it's on a grimy piece of paper...

Is this sign a reminder for the employees, or to help me feel better that those employees (who have to be reminded to wash their hands) have indeed washed their hands?

Either way, I'm not so reassured.
If that guy making my sandwich has to be reminded to wash his hands after using the bathroom, right before making my sandwich, I'm not so sure about that sandwich.  Even though I just saw the sign, that has who knows what stuck to it...

I just feel better eating out of my cooler.

Second - West Virginia is beautiful, up by the Pennsylvania border.  Rolling hills, the grass has started turning green.  It's pretty.  There are barns, animals, it's picturesque.

A little farther south into the state, though, that doesn't seem to be the states claim to fame!  No, that would be all of the Adult Superstores!  Seriously!  It's like Adult Superstore Mecca!  Oh, and plenty of 'Exposures' sprinkled in there!

If you forgot a supply, or ran out of whatever it was you bought 10 minutes ago, don't you worry your excited little self... there's another store just 5 miles down the road... for the next 50 miles!

Is there really that much variety that they need that many stores?  Maybe I'm just blind to the demand that is out there!  That is totally possible!

Third - Shower time, when I start peeling from a recent burn, extends a good 20 minutes!  I don't know about you, but I just can't let it go... I have to keep scraping and peeling, and scrubbing until all of that bubbling skin is gone!

Maybe I should bring sandpaper into the shower, give myself a good buffing!
And this time the burn is good enough that the under-layer is still red, so the scraping to get my molting skin off sort of hurts, but it's worth it!

Don't you hate when you sort of peel, then you have multi colored skin?  Don't love that!

Fourth - Music... on our way home last night we listened to popular music again... there were a few songs that came on that made me cringe.  If I have to hear 'Dark Horse' or 'Happy' or 'All Of Me' again, I may punch someone in the throat!  And c'mon... are we really serious about that 'Selfie' song?

Just goes to show I am not a fan of the pop genre.  There isn't much there that I enjoy these days.  I am an alternative girl, an indie girl.  That I can handle.  I find that I am not a single song listener.  I like to hear the whole album.  What's been on my playlist lately besides Christian Rock?

Christina Perry - Have you heard her new album?  Love.  Every.  Song.
I still think Lorde is a lyrical master.  She has gained more pop popularity.  Such a clever lyricist.
Young The Giant - Have you heard of them?  New group (for me) I love...
I can still listen to Paramore all day long.
Perrin Lamb
Foster the People

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beach Time and Alligators

The bottle of AloeVera is 1/4 gone this morning!
We are crispy critters after yesterday!

I got up and went for a run. 
Sand, humidity and heat all were factors in my slower time, which I don't love, but who cares? Right?  I was running on the beach! 
I ran 5 miles, then stretched, alone, just me, the sand, the morning sun, and the waves lapping.  I'm amazed at how few people are on our particular portion of the beach.  I love it! 

M got the kids breakfast and we went right down to the beach!
We were there all. day. long.
It was so nice to be able to leave most of our stuff there and come up to the condo for lunch.  No sand in our food, some shelter from the sun for a bit.  It was great!

We were there for a couple of hours just our family.  It is so nice to be here with friends, but as a parent, it is so rewarding to see your kids happy to play together, isn't it?
Q and G were out in the waves, hopping through them.  O and E were playing in the sand.  At one point they were all building together, then in the water together. 
I layed in the sun and read.  M had a conference call, then read.  The beach isn't a bad place for a conference call right?

As I ran I saw different parts of the beach.  I love that our section has a ton of flat space for us to dig, run around playing catch etc., plus room to dig.  It's fab.

The C's came and there was more fun to be had.  They brought a boogie board and I took some time to teach G and S how to do it.  Plus I got to ride a few times as well.  It was fun! 

We girls layed out, jamming to tunes, the boys sat and chatted.
We switch from the beach to the pool.  Some parents there, some parents here.
We kept the sunscreen rocking, but with all of the water time, all of the kids, there were spots that got missed!
It's always funny to me to see the streaks that were missed after a day in the sun!  The kids faces look striped in some spots!

After getting all showered we dropped the kids at the C's place then we adults went out to eat. 
We drove around for a while trying to find the place we were looking for, then ended up at Sonny's BBQ.  Oh the dinner adventure we had! 

The boys ordered all you can eat ribs... 10 minutes after we ordered, our waitress came back and told us they were out!  Hmmm.  They got baby backs.  They were out of a bunch of the sides, we had to reorder.  It was a mess!  I got the salad bar so I was sharing my plate w/ Moll.  Figured with all of the mess they wouldn't mind!

We did get giant Diet Coke's, which I unexpectedly choked on as Moll stood in front of me w/ her shoes on the wrong feet, wondering why they were so uncomfortable!  It took me off guard, I thought it was funny.  Didn't want to spray pop out on my friends so I tried to keep it in.  I did and it found all sorts of places to dwell before I could swallow!  Up my nose, down the wrong tube, some on my napkin, some down the right tube.  I spent the next 10 minutes trying to breathe right again!

The boys hadn't even noticed, and were wondering why I was struggling!

It was an interesting dinner, but our waitress said she'd try to take care of us on the back end, which was fodder for much of the evening!

We laughed a ton!  It is so fun to be with our friends!

The kids had pizza and watched TV.  When we got back we sat around their fire pit, played put put and watched S play her guitar.

Well, we had an interesting start to the morning.  I wasn't sure I wanted to go anywhere...
We did let the kids sleep as much as they could.  The two oldest felt the most uncomfortable with their burns.
And, as I stepped out of my bed in the middle of the night, to help E, I felt my legs pulsing... they are quite crispy!

Our plan was to go into St. Augustine to see the Alligator Farm.
As we drove in we called the Toyota dealership in the area, to see if they could work on our AC while we spent the day there.

They did, so that was all part of our day.  Waiting in the dealership, packing all of the kids into the C's van to go get lunch.  Bringing back lunch for our guys (Shawn had a work call). 

We ate at Chick-Fil-A... wish we had one in the Buff.  I really do like that place!  They had these plastic sticky place mats that I want to buy to take everywhere with us, brilliant!  There was a guy who acted almost as a waiter, getting us what we needed.  He was awesome! 

Many people stared at the two ladies with all of the kids, but Moll and I rock this all of the time.  One lady asked if we were all one family or mixed.  I was tempted to tell her Moll and I were sister wives! :)  I settled her anxiety and told her we are two families... 4 kids each!  It's not that crazy, I mean, c'mon!

The shuttle took us to the Gator Farm and we spent a few hours there.
It was pretty cool.  Of course like any zoo-type experience you pay all of this $ and the kids run through it as fast as they can!  We tried to take it slow to learn some new stuff.
We saw them feed the huge crocs, we saw the replica of the largest croc (2000 lbs), I took photos of amazing birds, we got some snacks, the kids played on the playground for a minute.
It was good times.

We waited for our shuttle, got our newly cooled van back, then went to see 'The Oldest House'
The C's thought M was kidding when he suggested BBQ again for dinner, but we found a place where the kids eat free on Tuesday's!  Much better service this time!

As we got home our kiddies watched some movies before bedtime. 

Did I mention the rainstorms today?  I don't think I did.  This is why we got out of this area, and headed out.  It rained on the way to St. Augustine, and several times when we were there, but not while we were out at the Gator Park.  Very fortunate! 

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