Some Days Are Chill Days...

Some days are chill days.  Not too many people will see you, you don't have important places to go...
BUT, that doesn't mean you don't get dressed... most of the time!
Here are some recent 'chill days' looks.
First, some loose fitting capri's, with a tee and hoodie. 
These shoes are perfect for this look, they add some deliberate style, inferring I still care what I look like!

top: Hollister (purchased @ Marshalls)
hoodie: Ann Taylor Loft
capri: Target
sneaks: Roxy (Marshalls)
A nice baggy top, that is a little more effort than a plain old tee shirt, makes it seem as if I did something more than put a shirt over my head!  I love that! 
And, these neon sandals are still giving me love!  Such a great purchase!

top: target
shorts: marshalls, cut off by me!
sandals: Burlington coat factory
This last look is a first for me.  Normally I don't wear leggings in public!  I wear tights to the dance studio.  I wear leggings under a shorter dress, but I don't just wear leggings.
So, again a first for me.. and I was so comfy I may just do it again!
Do I look like I'm 4 months preggers in this photo?  I sort of think so!

leggings: Target
cardigan: BJ's
Just noticed my hair is the same in all of these... that would be trademark for a chill day!