Leather... at Church?

Hello pretties!
Today is Sunday... I love Sunday!
Sunday is our Sabbath day.  In our home it is a day that is different from other days.  We dress differently, we go to church, we engage in different activities, we spend time together as a family.  It is a day of rest and reverence... as much as we can with little kiddies running around!
I love dressing up to go to church!
Today, however is General Conference.  In the history of this restored gospel saints have met together biannually to listen to the words of the apostles and prophet.
And, today is that day!
So, today I'm in my comfy's, snuggled with my kids, listening...
Have you ever heard of this?  I invite you to listen... be uplifted, hear words of counsel... it doesn't even matter what faith you are... this is for everyone!  There have already been several sessions and there are two more today... pick one and listen... I'd love to know what you think!
Today I bring you a recent Sunday look... Is leather appropriate at church?
I found this amber skirt at Target.  I seriously find the best deals there, not all stores have the inventory mine does I guess!
I got this jacket this spring, also at Target... love it with this look!

I went with a high ponytail for some sass!

 tee: +Marshalls 
jacket: Target
skirt: Target
necklace: +DownEast Basics 
bracelet made by me!