Cucumber, Tomato and Dill Summer Salad

We are in our last week before school starts again!  That doesn't mean summer is over, right?  As long as the weather holds, it's summer!  I'm sticking to that!  It really is the best of both worlds.  The kids go to school, are occupied for many hours, then come home and we play, play, play.  


We love this salad at our house.  It is an easy salad, a healthy salad and a delicious salad!  It is perfect for summer time when these vegetables are in season... well technically the tomato is a fruit... but you know what I'm sayin'!  

cucumber tomato salad


I will admit that I've been on a holding pattern making it though.  Why?  I have a certain annoyance with tomatoes that don't taste like tomatoes.  I won't buy or eat them anymore.  Is it just me?  The only tomatoes that I buy, from the store, that taste like tomatoes, are little cherry size.  No matter how they try to spin it (organic, vine ripened) they just don't taste like tomatoes.  

Revolt!!!  Holding pattern!

Last week out on my run, I passed our local farmers market.  Well duh!  Go get real tomatoes Carolyn!  I did, and will continue to, until I can grow my own.

Re-enter favorite summer salad!  We have had it twice in the last few days.  We all love it (except the weird tomato haters in the family, who mostly eat the cucumbers and onions) and gobble it up.

tomato cucumber salad


I prefer all my veggies to be room temp, and I like to let my salad sit for 30 minutes before serving, just to let all that flavor get in there.  It is really yum the next day, although I have to let it 'thaw' back to room temp before I eat it!

You know what else is good on it?  Feta.  Just yum!

I didn't have red onion when I made it the first time this week.  It was just fine, although I do prefer the red onion.


*** edited to add that most recently I've made this salad with mini tomatoes and mini cucumbers.  Tastes so good!  I love mini tomatoes. ***

cucumber salad


Here is the recipe.  Enjoy!  Let me know if you like it.


cucumber salad dill dressing summer


tomato cucumber salad