While We Are Doing, We Are Becoming

As I came home from church today we listened to this song mentioned below. It pricked me…again. This is an old post, but I’m posting it again, for a few reasons, one of them being it is still valid and it is always good to remember… while we are busy doing we are becoming. And what I choose to do with my time indeed impacts who I become.

As I train people one of the things that I say, that I believe, is that every effort counts!

Every. Effort. Counts!

On those days when we think we can’t do it, on those days when our all isn’t the same as it was just the day before, on those days when we can only focus on what we need to get done, in those times when we are just holding on, or going through the motions, that effort counts! It is still valid! It is still a piece of our progress, who we are becoming.

So, chin up, always! Keep going, knowing that you are being molded and changed, always. At some point you will look back and see the progress that has been made, even if you are blind to it now.

what we want to become quote

September 15, 2015

Yesterday I reviewed what the first day of school, and the week, was like for my kids.

I didn't even go there with what my day was like. I did write this...

I sent them off and waited to feel some sort of relief... you know, the sigh... I have a quiet house again, I can clean and it will stay, I only have to make myself lunch, I can get some work done...  Hooray!

I didn't feel it!  This year I seemed to be a bit paralyzed by the quiet. I am in my own realm of 'new' and need to find my rhythm again.  I felt lonely, a little sad and anxious about this first day.

After wandering aimlessly for a bit I went out for a run.

I answered the text from Matt that asked how the morning went.

I sat on the steps feeling a little empty without my kids!

I felt strange.  I've not had time by myself in this house.

I know there are a bunch of things I could be doing, should be doing.

I have a list of projects, loads of photos to edit, laundry to fold, scriptures to read, a blog that has been without words for the whole summer!  My day was not without things to do.

I left them all where they were, got ready and headed to the hospital to visit Grandma Florence.  

You can read a bit about how she came into my life here

meals on wheels grandma florence

She blacked out on Sunday and ended up in the hospital.  Tuesday was the first day I could go spend time with her.

I know this woman now, she is a dear friend.  I knew she would be beside herself alone in that hospital so I went and spent a few hours with her.

As I was heading to the car I grabbed an old CD that I haven't listened to for a long time.

It's called Women of Destiny.  This song began to play and for the next 4:31 minutes my vision was blurry! 

I was like... why am I crying?

Do you ask yourself that when your eyes start randomly leaking!

Then I just let it come!  

Whatever the reason I had some tears that needed to flow. It was an emotional day for me!

When the kids go back to school it is time to self check!

What am I doing with my time?  What am I doing with my life?  

Remember that word {PURPOSE} from the beginning of the year?

I have been 'adjusting' the whole summer.  Fall is here, it's time to set a course again.

As I listened to this song I also felt the truth of this pull within me to do something, to be known, to be great.  My heart burned inside, as I listened with it (my heart)... that indeed I am and do and will be great... all of these things that I am doing in the meantime are making me that.

After my visit with Florence, I listened to it again.

I cried again!

This woman has waited for me to find her!  And I am here with her at a time that she needs me.

We cried together, I listened to her.  I gave her my strength and my heart.

Much like my kids she needed some love and encouragement and someone to reassure her.

grandma florence

The line in this song that says, "In the meantime she's a mentor and a blessing and a gift, to every empty aching heart that only she can lift..." pierced me last week.

There are many things that I could spend my time doing.  There are many things that interest me.  I have talents and desires for many things... too many!

This line was where I focused last week, as I gave to my kids, as I gave to this woman.

Many little people hearts needed my lift last week. My heart needed a lift last week.

I got it!

I am right where I need to be, not making a difference in hundreds of lives, but making all the difference to some.  

being a mom

This was a good way to hit my reset button for this new school year.

I will get back to my lists, work, projects and laundry.  Those things never end!  I will find my balance again.  I should find 'normal' soon!

We often miss what is happening to us while we are focusing on all the things we do.

While we are busy doing we are becoming.

I will become all that I hope for as I make the best efforts to focus my 'doing'.

AND I feel assured that all of this will continue creating the woman I want to be.