One Little Word... Looking Ahead to 2015 with Purpose

As I sat down to scrap our December I felt uncomfortable, like I didn't know how!  It has literally been like a year since I've sat down to do this.  And there is plenty of dust to prove that!

How could a whole year be gone?  How can I not do this anymore?  Why did I stop this hobby?

I know the answer to that question, because I sat and thought about it.

Seeking some inspiration I jumped online.  I like to see what the long standing talents in scrapbooking are up to, on occasion.

I went to Ali Edwards site.  I still get her newsletter, this time I opened it.  Advertised there was her One Little Word class.  Hmmm.  I looked around.  I've heard of this before.  I've even chosen a word for myself in years past, to inspire me, to keep me focused.

Maybe, just maybe I'll actually take this class.  Maybe, just maybe I should try this.  I'm sure it has much to offer me.  Click.  I did it!  I joined!  I'm excited to see where this takes me, how it inspires me, how it helps to shape me.

What is my word for 2015?  That would be PURPOSE.  I've thought a lot about this word for the last few months.  I am blessed.  I have much.  I am grateful, but is that enough?

Surely there must be a purpose... and surely that purpose extends beyond me.

2015 will be a big year for our family.  As all of these changes occur I want to stay present and aware as I continue to seek and uncover my purpose. 

I want to remember the purpose... of having things, of sharing things, of giving, of serving, of earning and spending.

I want to remember my purpose as I photograph, as I race, as I push myself to my own limits, as I try to take better care of my body, as I balance talents and hobbies.

I want to remember my purpose, that my family is at the center of my happiness... all efforts to them first.

I want to study with purpose, pray with purpose, fast with purpose and love with purpose.

I want to seek and do the Lord's will... with full purpose to serve Him.

I want to grow.  I want to be better.

I feel that as I define the purpose of things in my life they will be more powerful to me.

I may even find that I don't need things I thought I did, that they serve little to no purpose.

I am excited for this journey...

I went ahead and created a graphic for myself.  I'll put it in a place I can see it always.

2015... live with PURPOSE!