Free Printable Birthday Tags

A couple of weeks ago my boy went to a birthday party.  Yes!

boy gift wrap, washi tape


Are you a bagger or a gift wrapper?  Myself, I'm a wrapper!  I love to wrap.  AND I love to use washi tape as ribbon!  It is so cute and easy to use!

washi tape for gift wrap, free birthday tags


I created these tags several years ago and use them every. single. time I wrap a gift to give from my kids.  They are cute and an easy way to quickly label where this gift is coming from. 

free printable birthday tags girl


Sometimes my kids will do a card (which I need to make more of), but not always.  Sometimes they just want to give the gift.  Either way, I put a tag on the gift.

Today I am sharing these printables with you, you're welcome!  I hope it makes your birthday wrapping just a tad bit easier.

free printable birthday tags
free printable birthday tags girl

download Birthday Girl Tags


And one more shot, because how cute is that wrapping?  So easy, cute and fun!

creative birthday wrapping

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