30 Projects in 30 Days Printable

Here where we live it is almost time for kids to go back to school.  Yahoo! 

Our family is excited!  It has been a wonderful summer.  We have had plenty of adventures and good times.  We are all ready for school to start again though.

I have been itching to get some projects done.  I have mostly held off, and just been busy with mom life.  But now, now that the kids are going to school I have some time to focus.

My friend Stacy over at Blake Hill House is doing a 30 day challenge.  This is perfect for me.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all I want to do and end up hopping around all of my projects.  I want to focus on just one house thing a day.  Some days will be bigger and more intensive than other days, but I should be able to get some good home projects done in the month of September.  I can't wait to feel some satisfaction as I check things off my list.

Speaking of lists - I created a 30 projects in 30 days printable.  Because, well, that's what I do!

30 projects printable

download your printable here

I'm positive Stacy would love for you to join in!  Anything to get us all motivated and making progress, she's fabulous that way.  Jump over to her site for her pep talk!  She even created a hashtag so we can all share our adventure this month!

Go ahead, print this off, start your list and let's get started!

home project printable

This is what my list looks like.  I didn't write things down in the order I intend to do them.  I can't plan that out or my head will explode!  I will commit to doing one thing each day and checking them off as I go.  I tried to balance big projects that I know will take several days with one's I know that I can takle.

30 projects in 30 days