What To Buy For Your Runner

It has been a while since I've written about running right?

I have taken a little bit of time off.

After the marathon my left achilies has been bothering me.  I thought some time off would be good.  Turns out it makes no difference, so I'm back at it, with moderate mileage.

I've been back to the JCC.  I've been rowing, cycling and swimming.

It was a sweet reunion being in the water again, although my upper body fatiged quickly during my swim!  Like all things, if you aren't keeping up, you are losing it!

A few weeks ago I went out with Melissa for an 11 mile run.  It was delightful!  I loved having so much time with my friend, uninterrupted by little children!  We visited and ran.  Again, loved it!

See what I wear winter running HERE.

While I'm in between training I want to just enjoy running socially.  We know I never do this!  I can't find anyone to run with me!  I have a few friends that will be able to run with me during their school break!  Yea, can't wait!

I thought today I'd give you a few gift ideas for the runner in your life!

I know these are things I think are wonderful, and wouldn't mind being gifted!

Some low cost options: 

Cold Weather Running Gloves from Mizuno and Manzella

I have one pair, but last week as I went outside for several days, realized that it is sort of gross for me to wear these as much as I do w/o washing them!!!  Sometimes I wipe my snot on them!  Ewww, I know!  I need another pair... or two!

Runderpants by Saucony

I am in love with these runderpants!!!  Each of them has a saying on the backside.  Love it!

Mid range:

Cold Weather Run Top 

This is the perfect time of year to gift cold running gear. Since there is more to cold weather apparel it tends to be more expensive.  

I know I don't love spending a ton of money on my apparel, you need a lot of it!, so if someone wants to for me... Perfect!!!

I used to run in a million layers in the winter time.  I love that technology had changed so much so that we can run lighter, even when it's cold.  Here are a couple of tops I know I'd like...


A little higher:

Cordless, Waterproof Headphones

I wrote a post about these HERE.  At that point I'd not worn these running much.  Since that post I have.  I wore them during some long training runs as well as the marathon.  I love that they just sat around my neck until I was ready for them.  I really do love this purchase and would recommend it over and again.  They still work wonderful in the water and I now have my fit right.

Moving up the cost ladder:

A Race Entry

I'm hoping for a little gifting when I register to run the Boston Marathon in 2016!  Marathons are expensive, but big marathons are freakin' expensive!  Add travel and accommodations to that, yep, a race entry is a really good gift!

Here are the requirements to qualify for Boston. 

Of course they take the fastest of the qualifiers first.  My first marathon I qualified... barely.  

I'm sure I wouldn't have gotten in.

This time I'm almost positive I'll make it in, and this time I think I desire to run Boston.

Everyone tells me I should experience this at least once.  

Big races give me anxiety!  All the people give me anxiety.  Corals, having to wait hours to start, all give me anxiety.

BUT, running the same race world class athletes run, being in the same race as our best Olympic runners, that may make it all worth it!

I intend to register!