Easy, No Sew Tree Skirt

Our tree is up!

That was our first advent!

We had to wait until December 1st to get our tree.  I needed a day to recover from decorating the house, which took a couple of days.

For some reason I didn't enjoy

the process of

decorating as much this year.  I know this will be our last Christmas in this house, but instead of embracing it, enjoying one last hurrah, I just sort of want to skip over it and move on!  Bah-humbug right?

Then there is the fact that I'm the one person decorating, working my tail off while the rest of my family has fun doing puzzles, playing the computer etc.  


I've visited a few times with some Jehovah's Witnesses recently.  I did mention to Matt that I may be ready to convert = no more holidays!

Q held strong with me for a little while, but it wasn't enough to really share the load.

My trouble may be that I just have far too much Christmas stuff!  I move furniture around, move decor to the basement, bring up far too many storage bins.

It may be time to look at this.  Look at my 'why', look at the motivation, it may time to reassess.

I love the end result.  I love the magic of our house being transformed, that this time feels different for our home which results in us and how we feel about this holiday.

That may be why I was able to push through, after taking a few breaks, to try to find my 'merry' again...

ANYWAY, our tree!

We love our tree this year!

We always buy a real tree.  We have bought all different kinds.  This year we have a real winner.  It is fragrant and full, yet nice and sturdy.

Since we buy a real tree we have the big bulky water stand underneath it.

This means no cute little tree skirt with a 3 inch diameter opening!  They just don't work with a real tree.

My solution for the last couple of years, while we've used red on our tree at least, has been this...

What is that you ask?  That would be curtain panels that I am not currently using.  Yep, I use curtains for my tree skirt.

I hold onto stuff like this.  I may want to use them later, changing color schemes and such.  Indeed I have used them, for photo shoots, and tree skirts of all things!

They offer plenty of fabric and sit nicely under my tree!

I just tuck the grommets under and put some fabric up on the metal posts of my stand.

Lay the panel as far out as you'd like.  Gather them in if you'd like.  Whatever you want!

Easy solution right?  So glad I keep stuff!  Who knows how you'll be able to use it again!

Q requested to do red and purple this year.  Done!  We had a great time decorating the tree, always do!  We love how it turned out.