We Have Not Failed Until We've Quit Trying...

Helloo, and happy Sunday to you!

I have so been MIA this week, and you know what... that is just fine, right?

Sometimes I get thrown all off balance and it's good to regroup and refocus.

We have been busy with games and practices, baby showers, home projects and the like.  I'm hoping to get back on track this week.

I've been thoughtful these past couple of days.  Every so often something comes along to prick us, to bring us into realization of the need for more growth, more change.  I have felt that these last couple of days.  I have been thoughtful.

What is on my mind? 

The reality that I'm not the best, but desire and need to be a better friend.

The desire to be still and listen, I fear I've been to 'involved' to be able to hear.

The need to adjust my priorities around, and set some goals for myself.

I want to feel purposeful, and to accomplish that I need to step back, evaluate all of the things I do, then sort and sift out the one's that will get me where I want to go with the one's that don't.

We know I love Sunday's right? 

Along with getting to dress up for church my soul is filled on this day.

I get to shut out things from the week and focus on study, my family, and being still.

A few weeks ago I was struggling a little bit.  I felt down and discouraged.  I felt like our home was off-kilter and I didn't feel at peace.

I've been reading 'What Is Your Destination', by Marvin J. Ashton and at the moment I felt a bit overwhelmed by negativity, I chose to open this book.  It happens that I turned the page and read the perfect words for me, at that moment...

"President David O McKay once stated that 'no other success in life can compensate for failure in the home.'  I believe we start to fail in the home when we give up on each other.  We have not failed until we have quit trying.  As long as we are working diligently with love, patience, and long-suffering, despite the odds or the apparent lack of progress, we are not classified as failures in the home.  We only start to fail when we give up on a son, daughter, mother or father."  (I would add spouse to that list.)

Those moments are so reassuring to me.  I know I am loved by a Heavenly Father that will speak to me, when I seek, ask, then listen.

I haven't been very good at listening lately.  I want to be better.

Last, I filled out my profile page at Mormon.org.  Click HEREto see it!

On to what I've been wearing... to church... the day I get to dress up!

How about a sweet pleated, floral skirt?  I paired it with a stripe textured cardigan and finally, my fabulous red shoes!  It feels like spring!

My accessories include some peach earrings and a soft pink beaded necklace.