DIY Medal Plaque and Running Hair!

Last week was a tough week running for me!

I think it was the sudden heat mixed with the humidity.  It felt so hard!

Of course I was still running in the middle of the day!  I felt I was going to die in the mid-day heat!

My calf felt good today on my run.  Last week it was still a little iffy, because I strained it again at dance!  Does it ever end?

Today I'm showing you my recent project... my new diy medal plaque!

But first, check this out...

I rarely coordinate what I wear out running, I'm usually a mis-matched mess.  Who cares?

I just happened to pull both of these things out and they totally match... cute right?  I know!  I may put a little more effort into matching my running attire!

AND, instead of my usual long braid I've been wearing my hair up in a bun.  It does NOT work unless it is right on the top of my head.  Anywhere else and it will bounce right out.  I'm diggin' it!

Of course if I'm swimming or cycling I have to go back to the boring braid, which is a lot, but if I'm ever just running, this is going to be my new 'running hair'!!!

I recently bought a foam roller.  It is pretty comical the creative positions you have to get yourself into to roll what you need to roll effectively!  Still learning!

I'm a little bewildered at what I should be doing right now.

I've decided not to run the June marathon, but I want to keep my miles up.  I think I want to run another half soon to try to PR.  Maybe I'll do that while I'm in UT.  So, I just am not sure where/what to run as far as distance, speed, hills etc.  I think I'll just hold about where I am?

I have the triathalon coming up in July.  I feel good with each component, just need to practice stringing them together.

Look at what I have for you today... a little craft for all of you runners!

Last week I made a little medal display for myself.  I haven't been so into displaying or keeping my medals until pretty recently.  It's sort of fun to look up at them and see how I've grown and what I've accomplished there.

There are so many options you could use to hang your medals.  Just walking down the isle of Hobby Lobby, or even Marshalls, there are things with hooks galore.

I wanted to make my own though, mostly because then I could choose my hooks and make it look how I want.  I bought these knobs at Hobby Lobby...  So cute right?

I have wood boards like this in my craft supply!  I'm a crafter like that!  I decided to use this width because the one inch width was too wide for my knobs.

I painted this one white... 

Next I measured the center and where I wanted the ends and marked those, then measured for the center between those holes.  Then I drilled holes.

Next I put my knobs in... cuuuuute!  Love it!

Here is what it looks like from the back.  You can see it would be hard to hang it on the wall like this!

I had to build it out a little, which was easy.

I took little 1x1 blocks, again that I have in my wood supply!

I put some liquid nails on the back of three blocks and placed them on the sides and top of my plaque.

Next I hammered some teeth into the top block.  Mostly centered!

My last step was to antique it a little.  I sanded the edges, then rubbed some stain on, then wiped it off.

It gives it a little more depth.

I hung it on my wall, then placed my medals.

I have shortened some of them so they can hang at different lengths.

This is good for now, maybe after I've run a ton more races I'll make a new, bigger one!

This is great for now!  I don't race


many times per year!

Do you display your medals?  How?