St. Patrick's Day Projects and Printables

Well, I may be all done crafting for a bit... or at least creating any new holiday decor!

I've started packing up my craft stuff!  I will leave jewelry out as well as my scrapbooking stuff, for a while still.

But, all of my cute festive stuff is staying packed away!  I don't want to get it out and put it back!  I have enough packing to do already!

We have found our home!  Yea!

We are under contract, have done the inspection and are set to close the beginning of June!

I am beyond excited... yesterday was lovely, just sitting in our future home while the inspector and Matt did all the hard stuff!  EEEEEeeekk!  Exciting!

Although I'm not creating anything new for St. Patrick's Day, I still wanted to share some festive ideas so you can still enjoy crafting this season!

Here are some projects from the past.

Wintergreen Mint Wreath.  Find out how to make it HERE.

St. Patrick's Day Printables Find those HERE.

I made this cute clover with fabric and canvas.  It was so easy, and is so cute!

See the how to HERE.

I have a gallery wall in my front entry and I love to change some of my frames out for the different seasons and holidays.  

Last year I created some new green frames, for the spring season, out of frames I don't use anymore.

Glitter Frame post HERE.

See how to spice up your dollar candles with washi tape and felt lace HERE.