One Little Word - Vision Board

I have never done a vision board.

The purpose of this activity was to have fun.  Done!

I also experienced a new way to create my own art, I feasted on words as I looked through magazines.  It is interesting to see what words resonate with me right now.  It will be interesting to do this again a year from now and see how those words change.

I used an old Runners World magazine I had, an HGTV magazine borrowed from Paula, and a Pottery Barn catalog.

I don't subscribe to magazines (used to subscribe to RW) and didn't want to buy new ones.  Yet, I found what I needed here.

We can find what we need when we are open to what our needs actually are!

I don't really look through magazines much.  Since I'd already looked through these this trip through was to see what words they could offer me.

I cut out a bunch of words, trimmed them down and got an 11x14 canvas.

I already pulled my letters for my words.  I used chipboard I had on hand.  I didn't want my word to overlap these other words, but rather to frame my word Purpose.

As I began laying stuff out, rearranging, trying to find the balance on my canvas, I found 11x14 was just to small!

I found a 16x20 canvas, yes I just happen to have blank canvas around my house, and began again!

I like the look of more white space on my canvas.  After all the work I think I'd concentrate from the center and go out instead of  working from the outside in.

I chose little gold accents.  I began with white, but needed more.  Black could've been good, or a color, but I had put a gold heart on, and so decided my word would also be gold.

I painted the letters (white because I tried that first), then put Mod Podge over them, poured extra fine glitter on top of that and let it dry.  I went over the glitter again with Mod Podge so it wouldn't flake off.

Here is how it turned out...