Rochester Half Marathon - Working On It

I'm working on posting, but I have so much to catch up on, it will take me a while!

For now... check THIS out. This is what I did on Sunday and Haley has already written about it!

Ok, so glad Haley posted about this... now my side of the story... years later!

I had started training for the ragnar, that was going to be my big race for the year, was thining about running my first marathon in the fall.

I drove to Rochester Friday night, it was pretty late already.  I slept over at Haleys and we got up bright and early.  I didn't sleep well, because I'm always afraid I'll oversleep.

We met at a convention center... after picking up her friend Eileen.

I dressed for cold, I have a hard time getting warm if I get chilled so I prefer to over dress!  I did get too warm during the race, but just dealt with it.

As we started the three of us ran w/ the 1:40 pacer.  I had so much adrenaline I held back at first, then just had to go.  So, I mostly ran this course by myself.

Rochester is beautiful!  It was a beautiful run.  Very hilly!  I'm not used to that, so that ate up some time and energy for me.

At a mile or two out I saw Eileen and the 1:40 pacer, crap!  I didn't have much left in the tank, but I kept going.  She passed me.  I was aching to take off my jacket, but alas, no one to give it to! 

I finished at 1:41:22, close to the 1:40 time. 

When I saw the results, that I finished second in my age group, I about fell over!  Let's review my history... I don't place!

I was super happy, very proud!  Quite the improvement from the last half marathon I ran!

Right after the race we drove home.  I was freeeeeezing... always am unless I can get out of my clothes.  I drove home to Buffalo!  Uneventful, but so fun to do with my running friend!  So glad we did it!