Roadside Find: Plastic Chairs Makeover

So, I was driving through our neighborhood, on trash day, and spotted these plastic chairs.

This is not an uncommon occurrence for me, although I have tried with all my might to just drive on, as of late!

I jumped out of the car, did a quick once over to see if they were broken. 

Nope, great condition, love it!

I threw them in the back of my minivan, which I like to refer to as my mom-truck!

Seriously, right?  The things you can put in the back of the minivan... amazing!

I figured they were free, I was going to go ahead and be creative with them.  I wanted to give them some color and put them on my front porch.

First though, they needed a good scrub down.

I love that my kids are eager to help with stuff like this.  Who doesn't love spraying stuff with the hose?

Oh, I love these boys.  They worked so hard.

There was some serious buildup on these chairs.  At one point I tried using steel wool, which was great, but that stuff comes apart and I got a sliver or two.

Scratch that...

I looked for these in my home, but apparently I'm out.

So, I used my plain ol' Scotch kitchen sponge... which did a great job!

PS, this totally isn't even a sponsored post.  I just like these!

After the chairs were clean and dry I put them in the garage to spray paint them.

I had to do 2 coats on them, and used Krylon Color Master spray paint in Pumpkin Orange and Banner Red.

Again, not a sponsored post... AND, as much as I don't like to go to Walmart, I will for spraypaint!  #bestprice!

So here they are in the process of painting...

And here is a peek of them after...

Check back tomorrow and I'll show you how they look on my porch!

I love good, free stuff!