Fall Front Porch, and Plastic Chair Reveal

Today I'm going to show you how I used the chairs I showed you yesterday.

They were the perfect addition for my fall porch.  Which I'll be changing yet again soon.  Oh, time goes so quickly!

Here is the peek of them...

I decided to paint two red.  I'll use them for both fall and winter.

I painted two orange, and I'll probably put those away for winter.

I left one white.  I think I want to hold off and paint it in the spring.

So here is my fall front porch, featuring my plastic painted chairs!

I took down the large hanging lanterns from spring... remember?

I brought the small candles over here for fall.

I made this side of the porch more fall general.  The other side was decorated for Halloween and is now general fall.

I did get that rocking chair at a yard sale, painted that red.

I got my bench at a yard sale too!  I use that for photo shoots, but it sits on my porch until I need it.

Fake flowers, bought on clearance, after fall, a few years ago.

I have both real and faux pumpkins on the porch.

I got these cute orange lights at Target.  I need more chain to hang them, maybe next year...

This side was more Halloween.  We carved some pumpkins and featured them on this side.

Hay bales, mums and cornstalks all from a local farm/store.

I made this wreath a few years ago.  It was an 80's grapevine beauty!  I love how large it is, for this space.

All the uncarved pumpkins will stay out until Thanksgiving.  Love the harvest!

Have you ever cooked with your pumpkins?  I vow to do this in one of the coming years!  I want to make and use the puree.  

There you go.  Fall porch.

My favorite thing about this house is the front porch.  That may be a sad thing to say!

Sad that for so many years I didn't use this space, it really is like another room!