5 Things - Training For Ragnar Ultra

I must be completely honest and say that I can't wait for this week to be over.  Not this part, not this now part, where I'm in CA with my hubbs at the Ritz-Carlton.  The part that I'm talking about is the part where I am finished with the Ultra Ragnar DC, which is this coming weekend.

My body is tired.  My psyche is tired.  I look forward to training for nothing!  I look forward to a switch up, doing something other than running, just for health and fitness.  I look forward to running as few or as many miles as I want, because I want to, not because I have to. 

It is time for a break for me!

BUT, not until after I run these 40 miles this weekend.

I wanted to try this Ultra Ragnar to see if ultra marathon's would be my next thing, something to try.  I'll put in 40 miles, but unlike ultra races, this Ragnar is a relay.  I do the miles, but broken up over a day and a half.  It seems like a good way to try all those extra miles.

I was hesitant to say yes to it, this year, after Boston and my half this spring, but I did, and there is no turning back when you are committed with 5 other people!

I have put in the training.  I have worked hard... and I will be happy when it's all over!  Of course I have some thoughts and observations about training for this...


When you run 2 and 3 times a day, man, there is a lot of extra laundry to do!  I normally hang my  sweaty clothes up to dry after a run.  Training for this thing, I run out of places to hang all my sweaty clothes, I have so many of them at the end of the day!


Summer is a tough time to train multiple times a day, when you have kids.  Not only are you running, but then you have to stretch, shower, maybe not... because you are just going to go run again, and what is the sense in cleansing when you are just going to dirty again?!!  

There were some guilty feelings, and grossly stinky days, taking many hours out of summer days for me and my training.  Of course not every day was a 'run 3 times' day, and those days I was sure to make all about kids! 

Also under time - just the planning and constant anticipation of the next run is a chore.  Timing my day with the kids with having to be home to get another run in, no friends can come over because I'll be gone this time of the day, me and my anxiety, anticipating that next workout - it's a chore.  I don't how people run hundreds of miles each week!  


I do feel stronger, mostly physically.  Mentally I'm about the same.  My saving grace for this ultra is that the legs are all broken up.  Mentally it's tough to do long distances right now.  I don't have it in me.  Anything longer than a 10 or 12 is just too much mentally.  I'll be able to do this 40 because it is broken up.

I have thinned out a little, running more miles, and toned up a bit more, adding Orange Theory into my weeks.  I am stronger.


I am sure that I don't want to do an ultra marathon!!!  Maybe I'll change my mind after taking some time off training and racing, if I can really do that... but I'm pretty sure that I never want to do one! 


Training for anything can be monotonous, challenging, trying.  It hurts at times!  The hope is all of that hard work and prep gets you in a place you can enjoy the experience that is ahead.  I'm sure it will be hard.  I'm sure my body will be screaming at me.  I'm positive I will be exhausted.  But, I also know there will be many laughs, lots of cheering, camaraderie, adrenaline, satisfaction, admiration, and joy to be experienced.  It will be great!  Let's do this Ragnar!