Project 365... finished!


At the beginning of the year I started this project

I have wanted to study the D&C this year, but of course still need at least a little something from the Book of Mormon every day.

I started with these cute little scripture cards and thought it would be enough to just read one a day, you know, leave them in my kitchen and read it as I'm making lunches or cooking dinner. 

Turned out that just wasn't enough for me.  Focusing on just one scripture is a new way to study for me and it has grown into searching and learning more about each idea, digging deeper, pondering, application.  Cool right?

So, I stopped with the cute little cards. 

BUT, I realize some of us just need little bits each day, so I am committed to get these 365 prompts up in the next couple of weeks, the cute version, for YOU!

I have completed all of the prompts for the whole year, in list form, and you can find it



Do you want to recommit to your scripture study... of the Book of Mormon right now?  Hop on in!  Join up, we are on day 251.

Obviously I have been awful about writing my thoughts down.  I am recommitting to that too though.  I like to share what I'm learning and sometimes that results in a Sunday post here, but for day to day thoughts, I want to recommit to recording them.

It feels good to have this all down, a plan and guide for my study, for this next little while.

Lastly, I can only take credit for a few of the prompts.  The majority of them came from


 study guide.  I just went through and chose 365 of them to study through the year.  I highly recommend grabbing one for yourself!  There is great insight in there and it's dirt cheap...


shipping is free!