Back to School Food Prep

First I've gotta say I have such a great husband!

I finally got to cash in my Mother's Day gift last night...

Molly and I went to see Kelly Clarkson and Maroon 5.... weeeeeee!  It was so fabulous!

I love music, I love great music, I love feeling it, I love cutting a rug to it!

We got rained on a bit, but it didn't even matter, great concert!

Thank you over and over husband, he has really been on with the gift giving as of late!  Smooch!

Yesterday I spent a bunch of time in the morning doing food prep in the kitchen.

I made a slew of pancakes and some waffles.

Why you ask?  Well the kids love to eat them for breakfast and I don't believe in paying a bunch of money for a frozen product that I can easily make myself.

I cooked a bunch, let them cool, then stuck them in the freezer, they toast or microwave up nicely.  Now all I need to cook in the morning are eggs, if that!

Oh, yes, and this one had some for lunch!

Also, remember this piece of furniture in my kitchen?

The top drawer holds paper and pencils, crayons etc.

The bottom two drawers I fill with food so the kids can easily grab something for a snack or lunches.

I also spent time stocking these drawers for us.

I put all sorts of granola bars, nuts, fruit snacks, fruit leather in one drawer.

The other drawer has protein bars for me, peanut butter and ranch snack cups, crackers and chips.

I also have a drawer in the refrigerator that is filled with cheese sticks, applesauce, celery, pepperoni, fruit cups and gogurt.

We are set, stocked up!

What other foods do you like your kids to snack on?