Our Holiday Home

It's been a few years since I've taken photos of our holiday home.

So, this year I'll record it again.  Some things have changed, particularly in our family room.  This year I painted and changed out the decor... remember that? 


I used to decorate this room with traditional red and green

This year, with the change, I began with silver and white.  I thought that would be pretty.  What to do with all of my red though?  I have brights in the front room, red doesn't belong there!  I tried it in this room and what do you know?  I pretty much love the red!  I guess not so surprising since this color combo is one I love...

Here is our mantle... wall!  I edited the decor down a whole bunch... ask the husband who had to take several trips down the stairs!!!  A more simple mantle, with the not so simple-filled book cases!  We have had these stockings for years.  I can't change them out... they are our history!  Do you change out and match your stockings?

The window is the only thing from our regular mantle that stayed.  I split up my silver reindeer this year, as well as my red feather trees. 

New this year is 'Noel', inspired by this pin....

Initially I was going to cover the letters with varying red papers.  I put them up, though and decided I like the paper mache look.  I've had this berry wreath for years, it looks snow covered as the red slowly peels off the berries!

I tried the 'natural' garland up here this year, but I like the 'fluff' of the fake.  I decorated the garland with stray baubles and a blue garland I usually put in our room.

Here is my $5 yard sale tree!  Last year was it's first year in our home.  This is a great addition for all of the kiddie ornaments that we love so dearly!  Also on this tree are ornaments from when we were first married.  FYI, our 'real' tree is in the front room... this is an extra... last year Santa left all of his gifts here and our family gifts (the more important in our family) are under the other tree.

He really is a meager little tree!  To spruce him up a bit I sprayed him with some pearl and glitter spray paint.  It adds just a hint of sparkle.  I think next year he'll get another face lift... can you believe I think of stuff like that now?  Should I buy another tree?  After Christmas they are so inexpensive... hmm. 

 This year I went to our fabulous grocery store Wegmans and got real green garland... 25 ft for $12.  Score!  I do love it!  Stacey inspired that buy... thanks friend!  It is all over the house.

A collection of different candle sticks holds various trees that we've acquired over the years.  I will post our 'salt tree' here soon.  We had fun making them...