Outside... Christmas 2012

As I've been out there in blog land I've been inspired this season by the outdoor decor. 

I have such a great front porch space.  It has been very uninspired for many years!  I know it's essentially another room, but...

I decided to make more of an effort this year. 

I do love what a little effort will do.

For next year I'd love to have an outdoor rug.  I'll keep my eyes out for a good deal.

First, I have this old treasure I pulled off the side of the road, initailly for photo shoots.  It's been filled with pumpkins and flowers through the seasons.  I decided to fill it with greenery this winter. 

I grabbed the extra garland I had on hand and filled this mini wheelbarrow with it.  I turned the basket upside down and put it at the bottom, as filler.

I only bought 2 poinsettia bunches, as well as 2 berry bunches for this, I like them more sparce so the green shows through.  Pretty inexpensive.

It took no time at all and I love the space it fills.

So here is a look at our front door.  I decorated our little trees with red ornaments and berries.  I actually prefer the large real green wreath on our door, so I moved that... and put our red star over the bench.

Love a fresh wreath.

I filled these lanters with some baubles and snowflakes.  They usually live in my family room.  Why not keep them out through the winter? 

Here is the star... 

And, an old box that is also sitting downstairs as a photo prop!  Fill that with holiday cheer and we're good to go!

I'm saving for the after Christmas sale... already inspired for next year!!!  How do you decorate your outdoor space?