November Visiting Teaching... What Lack I Yet?

I created this at the beginning of the month, even gave it to my sisters!

When I visited with my mom a few days ago she asked where my handout was!  Thanks for using them mom... and Michelle!  Sorry for not sharing it earlier. 

Even if you have done your visiting teaching it is still a good thought, a subject to talk about, something to consider.

This thought comes from the talk What Lack I Yet from Elder Larry R. Lawrence.

We all have areas to improve upon, and not all need to be done at once, but as we seek for improvement and ask God where and what we should improve upon, He will help us to both see it and improve it through the power of the atonement.

I got my ladies a puzzle from the dollar store.

We may not even realize something is missing, a really good thing is missing, until we ask.