'Give' Art For My Mantle

Although this Thanksgiving will be extremely different for us, I feel like this holiday is top notch.  It deserves attention and is a great time to give gratitude, be thoughtful and reflective about the bounteous blessings in life.

It deserves and gets decor, attention and traditions in my home!

Today I'm sharing my family room mantle... you may be sick of seeing my mantle by the time spring rolls around!

I needed a big focal point on my mantle.  I wanted the word 'give'.

How to do that...

I bought a large piece of foam core, gold paint, a paint brush, and created my own focal point for all of $5!

I drew it out in pencil, of course, then just painted over it.

I always squirt my paint out on a garbage piece of cardboard... I love candy!

This metallic paint is great, it looks metallic, not just yellow.

Here it is!

It was simple to put on my mantle, I just leaned it against the wall.

Big, simple, directive.  I love it!

I'm sure I will try to improve upon it next year, but I'm pretty sure this idea is here to stay.