January Visiting Teaching: The Family Proclamation

This month the topic for visiting teaching is on 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World'.

Read the full thing HERE.

It is beautiful.

The family is the basic unit of societies and should be protected.

In 1995 when this came out it wasn't a drastic announcement.  Even just 20 years ago things were much different than they are now.

We have seen change in what family consists of these days, we have also seen change in families breaking apart, as well as people choosing not to get married anymore.  I totally appreciated the article: '

My Alternative Lifestyle as a Married Millennial' by Josh Craddock and I love this quote from it...

- But we view marriage as a cornerstone institution that molds and shapes us, not as a capstone achievement to be added once we have everything else figured out.

- If I could tell my generation one thing about marriage, it would be that marriage is not just a platform for self-realization or romantic love. It is a lifelong commitment to the good of another. It’s also your project for the world: your greatest possible contribution to the future is likely your family, not your occupation. That’s why every person — married or single — has a stake in building a strong marriage culture.

Although I have a myriad of feelings about what makes a family, and how that plays into both this life and life after this, I see prophecy in this document.  

I see an umbrella atop this sacred unit, intended to protect it, before rain even started to fall.

I see clearly God's feelings about how important the family is, and that, although this world may change, and societies will change, His law, His line, will not change, still.  

If you wanted to give a gift, an umbrella, or lifesavers would be great with this handout.

It is also perfect on it's own!

This year I intend to keep the design theme the same for each month.  It would be fun to make a little booklet out of the collection!