Be The Good Printable

As I've been changing out the house from Christmas to winter I've made a few new things.

Today I'm sharing my new creation for this little vignette in my front hall.

It looked like this for Christmas...

I switched two of the three prints for Christmas.

Our family photo always stays, I normally have this white embossed print of the SL Temple in the 8x10.  

For the third frame I wanted text and I wanted to stay with the black and white scheme here.

be the good printable

I created this 'Be The Good' printable.  It is a great spot for us to see it often.  Those are some good words to live by.

Of course as long as I was at it I created a few variations that would hopefully fit a variety of styles, for all of you!

These are 5x7 size.  You can download them here.