I Will Miss Our Front Porch...

There are many things that I won't miss about this house.

One redeeming quality it does have is this large front porch.

This year I have packed everything up.  I did put out my large spring wreath and a few chairs are still out.  But, this year it won't be cute.  I have to get ready to move.

I want to show you what I've done with it in the past, though.

I've not always utilized the fabulous space in front of our house, but slowly over the past couple of years I've added more to make it a usable outdoor space for our family.

And it is.  I love to sit out there, visit with friends, read.  It's a good space.

These images are from last year.

Here is what I did with it 2013.

See it this past fall HERE. LOVE!

And, it looks as if I didn't take any photos of it from December... what the?  How did that happen?

Here is is from winter the previous year... 2012.

Anyway, after winter, this is what it was looking like last year.

Yep, a little blahhh.

This is the section by the door...

This year I brought my hanging cintronella candles over to this side.

I just hung them from screw-in hooks, with some chain. 

We are gone for most of the summer and I just can't take care of plants.

The past few years our porch has looked so color-less with no flowers.

This year I decided I'd just go fake with everything.  I found a ton of blooms at Joann's for $1!  Major score!

I brought in red flowers for July, for more summer flair.

This plant holder has been with us since we were first married.  Got it from my mom.

This bench is another roadside find.  I painted it aqua.

And there is my little table all made up and pretty!

Now the 'sitting area' of the porch...

Two of the chairs and little glass table are from our outdoor set (the rest of it is in the back yard).  The red chair was painted by me, got it at a garage sale.  Church bench, again, yard sale.  It looked like this, I made no changes to that.

Remember this wreath from this post?  That was another facelift for me!

This year I hung these larger lanterns in front of the window, instead of the candles.

They are larger and fit the scale here a bit better.

These are a little heavier than the candles, once you get the actual candle in there.

I hung them with ribbon instead of chain for that reason, plus ribbon is cute! 

I may take the lanterns into the back yard.  I'm not sure I like how they fit here.

I keep trying them in different spots.  Here they are for now!

Our new home doesn't have a large front porch.  I will definitely miss that, I think.

The kids love to be in this front yard and I love having a place to relax while I hang out with them.

It has become one of my favorite places of this home!