Front Porch Makeover

A couple of months ago, as spring was springing I decided I wanted to help our front porch a little.

It's so blahhh!  It's a great space though.  For years I've wanted a swing out there... still don't have one.

I felt inspired this year to put a little more effort in to make this space more pretty!

I started here... with furniture.

We have a set of chairs that go with our table in the back.  We usually keep a couple out front.  Last year I picked up this old church bench from my neighbor's yard sale, and the rocking chair I made over as well, yard sale item too!  They all have a home on our front porch now.

Next, I brought out these iron squares that have been sitting in my storage.  They used to hang in my family room, but have been out for the last couple of years.

Last, I found that rug on clearance at Walmart... $10!  I will look for a clearance rug at the end of this season, but this one works for now.  Not only does it define the space but it's a great place to lay my weary head after a hot muggy run!!!

Obviously this space needs some color!

I started by spray painting that iron!  Then, after seeing an add from the Christmas Tree Shop I  bought these great outdoor pillows, which are totally just to add color, but well worth the $$$!!!

I also bought these cute candle holders.  I've yet to burn any candles out there, but I hope to someday soon!  Never mind my flower-less pots.  We are gone so much of the summer that I just couldn't do it this year!  They all died on Matt last year!

My last purchase were these cute little citronella candles.  Aren't they cute?  My challenge was the small size, on a big porch how do you display them so they don't get lost?  I decided to hang them!

I simply drilled pilot holes then screwed in those little hooks.  These are light weight enough I feel fine with that.  I had some chain on hand... only a crafter/hoarder could say that... so I measured them and varied their lengths.  This is my favorite part!  I can't wait to light these... yep, still haven't done that... but aren't they pretty!?

Here is the last look of this area of our porch...